When you register for the TIKTOK BEGINNER TO EXPERT TRAINING  (TBET) you'll be getting

Module 1

An extensive introduction to TikTok and its algorithm & mentorship group - To start your content creation journey, you need the right foundation and this is it

(Value: N50,000)

Module 2

Content Creation 101 – in this module you’ll be learning everything about creating content. You’ll learn the best content you need to post on TikTok if you want to succeed on the platform

(Value: N45,000)

Module 3

Introduction to the TikTok algorithm – In this particular module you’ll be learning everything about why videos don’t perform well on TikTok, how to fix that and how to create viral videos

(Value: N35,000)

Module 4

Viral formula – In this module you’ll be learning about the secrets to making your videos appear on the TikTok For You page and generate tons of leads organically

(Value: N50,000)

Module 5

How to avoid getting banned – In this module you’ll be learning everything about how to avoid getting your account banned or restricted by the TikTok algorithm

(Value: N20,000)

Module 6

TikTok monetization - You’ll also be learning a how to make lots of dollars with your TikTok account. The different ways to monetize your TikTok audience are outlined in this module.

(Value: N40,000)


Bonus 1

8 call to action samples – here you’ll be getting to various call to action examples that you can use in your next video. They will make your content stand out from other people’s own as well as increase your engagement on TikTok

(Value: 25,000)

Bonus 2

50 hook ideas - You can implement these hook ideas to capture attention with your content to attract your ideal clients for your business!

(Value: N20,000)

Bonus 3

0-10K Blueprint - This blueprint contains the exact strategy I used to go from 1,500 followers to 10,000 followers on TikTok within a month and how YOU can do the same.

(Value: N30,000)

Bonus 4

How to use A.I to grow on TikTok - in the TikTok Beginner to Expert Training, you will also be learning how to use A.I to generate TikTok content ideas

(Value: N40,000)

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